About Connie's Water Color Workshops . . . 

Connie invites you to participate in classes and workshops throughout the year.  People at all levels of experience are welcome to join these classes.  Participants will paint along with Connie as she demonstrates techniques.

Bring your own watercolor materials, if you have them. If not, please refer to Connie’s list of supplies below. The recommended watercolor paper for class is 300 lb press rough surface D'Arches. A half sheet works well to fit on the tables. It is heavy and the rough surface makes the scrumbling technique easy.

Class members vote for their favorite images from a choice of six photos. Each student will receive a copy of the photos voted on for close reference of the image we paint each day.  After inviting all students to share appropriate experiences in watercolor, Connie will list the basic steps in creating the painting. These are always up for revision as our paintings suggest ideas to use as we go along. 

At this point Connie draws the essentials, explaining how and why. When everyone has their drawing completed, she begins her painting demonstration.  Students may duplicate these techniques, explore their own, or modify the subject whichever way they choose.

What to Bring?

1)  Plan to share your ideas and experiences! Your input will improve our quality. 

2)  Bring what you have and select as much as you can from the following list for success in the class.

3)  First Timers-  A beginner's water color set with paints can meet your needs.  These sets are available at your local art supply store or at national chains such as Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  Then select additional items from the suggested supplies.

4)  1/2 sheets of 300 pound press rough  Arches watercolor paper available for students at just $7.50 per sheet.  This paper helps create textures in water, clouds, landscapes, etc... 


Paper:          Bring Four 15" x 22" Pieces of 300# D'Arches Paper.  Rough surface is requested for scrumble technique.
                     (15"x 22" is 1/2 of the typical 22"x30" sheet).  

Brushes:    The best quality you can afford - Sable or variations of it. When wet, they should hold a nice point and
                    hold water well.

                    Round brushes: #1, 3, 6, 8 (also a few old round brushes of various sizes for applying liquid mask.
                    Don't ruin your best brushes for this) 

                    Flat brushes: 1/2 and 1" wide with a narrow edge which can form a good point when viewed from the side.
                    4"-5" wide Japanes Hake Brush (inexpensive but great for laying in large washes)

Palette:      Your favorite or Robert E. Wood palette, Richeson pallette, or a white enamel tray.

Paint:         Winsor-Newton brand pigments are usually lightfast. Daniel Smith brand are good too. A glorious
                   pink is "opera" by Holbein.

1.  Quinacridone Rose - Daniel Smith
2.  Cadmium Red
3.  OPERA- Holbein
4.  Permanent Magenta

5.  Cobalt Blue 
6.  French Ultramarine 
7.  Cerulean Blue
8.  Winsor or Thalo Blue
9.  Colbalt Turquoise


10.  Gamboge - M. Graham 503-656-6761
11.  Winsor Yellow
12.  Naples Yellow
13.  Quinacridone Gold (Daniel Smith)
14.  Raw Umber


15.  Burnt Umber 
16.  Raw Sienna 
17.  Burnt Sienna

18.  Chinese White

We Love to Teach, Please contact Connie to Form a Class in Your Area!

For more information, contact Connie and Mike directly. 

Phone: (608) 752-0707  
Cell: (608) 774-4737  

e-mail: watercolor@connie-glowacki.com 
As the class progresses, Connie offers up her positive suggestions, demonstrates special techniques, and answers your questions. If the class chooses they will have a critique at the end of each day, emphasizing the best qualities in the paintings.

Classes begin at 9 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. Students are encouraged to participate in a working lunch and may take other breaks as needed..

Class guidance and demonstration by Connie, all levels of experience welcome.

Here are some great examples of the work completed and the students from our
 3-day watercolor class at The Crossroads at Big Creek in Sturgeon Bay.

August 27, 28 and 29, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
At the Crossroads at Big Creek
$175 a person for the three day class

The class runs from 9am to 4pm, taking an hour for lunch if you like.  
The photos we select from are my own.  
They include florals, landscapes, seascapes, figures, etc...

Please reach out to Connie or Mike to make your reservations,
(608) 752-0707
The class is limited to twelve participants