Along with creating, now my job is to open the door for new artists to share their gifts! 

I have a pictorial overview of my life which is meant to motivate people with an artistic awareness to try their hand at putting their gift to work in whatever medium they choose. 

It features many of my paintings and tells of basic rules in creating, which lead to success. 

 to see and discuss
 the book.
My paintings often lead their observer to respond by creating a poem or story. 
Here are two examples:
My painting of “Welcoming,” is of a mansion in Louisville, KY.  We were taking down our display at The Saint James Court Art Fair as it grew dark.  I took a photo of the home and painted this picture from it.  

Being a former teacher, I thought it would me a good motivator for an English Class and sent it to a teacher who admired it the art fair.  An 8th grade girl came up with this poem.
  I’ll leave the light on, you can come home,
  whenever you want if you’re ever alone.

  I’ll leave the light on when it gets colder,
  Love me or not, you can cry on my shoulder.

  I’ll leave the light on you can fall back in my arms,
  Don’t be afraid, don’t be alarmed.

  I’ll leave the light on, there’s a key by the door.
  I’ll leave the light on forevermore.

This is my “Sunstreamers” painting. The location is just East of our hometown, Janesville, WI, at the crossing of County MM on state highway 14.  

I was showing the painting at an art fair in Delavan-Darien, WI. A woman stopped by and recited this brief poem to me and gave me permission to share it. Thank you, Elenore Melissa.

  The streamers of the Sun, 
as they emerge from great, gray banks of thunderclouds, 
may be the arms of God,

  Stretched out in Benediction, renewing the promise of Hope
  no matter what the darkness.